INDIBA Deep Care

Proionic System

INDIBA Deep Care Proinic System

Indiba is non-invasive treatment which involves the delivery of it’s patented 448 KHz monopolar radio frequency energy deep into the skin’s dermis and subtermal layer without damaging the external layer of the skin. The radio frequency energy balances the flow of ions between the cells and stimulates their vital functions,resulting in significant anti-aging effects.
Studies have proven that at 448 KHz, Indiba can stimulates stem cell proliferation. Is a technology that optimizes the ion exchange and balances the electrical potential of the tissues subjecting them to actions that are both surface
(capacity energy) and deep (resistive energy) it enhances the beauty of our skin from within, smoothing, regenerating, firming and eliminating the flaccidity from inside and the tissue recovers it’s vital functions, maintaining a youthful cells population, in simpler terms, along side the rejuvenation there is a rebalancing of cell activity to encourage cells to work at their best, resulting in more youthful cells activity.


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