Plasma Fibroblast Treaments

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Plasma Fibroblast Treaments

Crows feet around eyes: 90 minutes

Forget about puffiness and wrinkles in your eyes, which only get worse with age. Look and feel fresher with these eye treatments.

Upper & Lowe Eyelids: 120 minutes

Fibroblast plasma lift, also known as mild surgery, is a revolutionary skin tightening procedure that will make you look perfect and youthful.

Jowl Line Tightening: 150 minutes

It is an ideal treatment for those who have «less firm» skin. Loose skin on the neck or double chin is often the first sign of «mature» skin. Rejuvenate in Cecilia´s Skin Care.

Marionette & Nasolabial Lines: 120 Minutes

The marionette lines are the folds that develop at the corners of the mouth and descend to the outer corners of the chin. They are appropriately named after the puppets because the puppets have open mouths with seams that run from the corners of the lips to the chin.
Dare to make the change and feel safe with yourself.

Turkey Neck: 180 Minutes

Neck aging is complex and involves a large number of contributing factors, interdependencies, and individual muscle structures. Fortunately, there are cutting edge beauty treatments and procedures available at Cecilia’s Skin Care.

Accordion Lines/Smoker Lines: 120 Minutes.

Make your smile look radiant with our latest technology treatments. Take care of your skin and shine.

Abdomen area: 180/240 Minutes

Leave your abdomen in the hands of professionals to look amazing. Make your appointment today.


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